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Create an event

Free and without registration

Did you know? As a registered user you will have more options for creating your event on iSubscribe.
Consider registering before creating your new event. You can find more information about the different free and paying memberships at the memberships section.

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Did you know? iSubscribe offers different types of memberships. You can start creating events quick and free, without registration, but creating an iSubscribe account (free or paying) will allow you to take advantage of some neat iSubscribe features.

About iSubscribe

iSubscribe is an online tool that helps you to register subscriptions for an event you have created here.

Every event needs people to make it a success. Sometimes gathering information from these people can be a time-consuming process. With iSubscribe you can create your event invite people to join your event and ask the necessary information to be able to organize the event.

It doesn't matter what type of event you are organizing. Whether it is a seminar, a meeting, a sport activity, ... iSubscribe will fit YOUR event!

Create your events

Fill in some information about your event. You can add pictures to make your iSubscrive event-page even more attractive.

Ask subscribers info

Create some questions for your subscribers. Things you need to know about them. There are three types of questions you can ask: a simple answer textbox, multiple choice and radiobuttons for a single answer.

Organize your events

Get a unique link to your event to send out yourself to your contacts or let iSubscribe send the invitations for you.

You can organize your event and download the overview of subscriptions.